Meet Our Accountability Circle...


Clarence Cachagee


Clarence is from Waterloo Region and has an undeniable spirit for change. With a primary focus on working with the Spirit within, he is a helper, visionary and author who is known for investing his whole self into his community. Clarence originates from Chapleau Cree First Nation and calls Cambridge  his home. He has faced his fair share of struggles and chooses to serve and support those living on the margins of society.

Clarence continues to engage with his community through land-based teaching and healing as an Indigenous Community Educator, public speaking and facilitating groups to encourage healing. Clarence says, “It is said that Mother Earth has all the medicines for every disease there is. Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island are land-based people. They have received the teachings from the animals. Their creation stories are about Mother Earth, and it’s said that you can go anywhere on Turtle Island and find the medicine you need. Understanding land-based philosophies helps us become better connected and feed our spirits”.

Clarence currently works as an Aboriginal Services Coordinator at Conestoga College and is the visionary behind Crow Shield Lodge which is a place for reconciliation, land-based teaching and healing.



Nicole Robinson

Nicole identifies as having mixed Haudenosaunee and European ancestry. She is a member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames in Southern Ontario and lived most of her life in Ontario’s ‘Near North’. Nicole moved to the Waterloo Region in 2006 to pursue graduate studies and has worked at the Waterloo Region District School Board as the Equity and Inclusion Officer – Indigenous Focus since 2008. Nicole’s passion for raising Indigenous awareness in classrooms is what drives her work in this role. Much care is given to building bridges between WRDSB staff/students and the Indigenous communities within the region in order to create classrooms that can become agents of change that we hope to see as we move forward toward reconciliation.


Bob Nally

Bob Nally (B.A .Sc , M.A.Sc ,P.Eng) is a Cleantech, Greentech and IT/Hi Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, Social Justice Advocate and Peacemaker. For more than 30 years, Bob Nally has dedicated his time and talents to working on Environmental (Earth Justice) and Social Justice issues and solutions including: cleaning up toxic waste (water and soil based); air pollution cleanup and reduction; energy use reduction; natural (nontoxic) herbicides & fertilizers; electric vehicles (industrial); Human Rights; peacemaking; affordable housing; First Nations support, learning and friendship; refugee support; and poverty reduction.


Dave Skene

Dave Skene is Métis and a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario. Dave is the Co-Executive Director of White Owl Native Ancestry Association, a community-based Indigenous agency that has been in existence since 1975. We endeavour to enhance the lives of Indigenous People in the Wellington, Dufferin, and Kitchener-Waterloo regions. Dave has worked as a grass-roots education innovator for over 30 years and has led numerous teams of Canadian youth on international volunteer and education projects. He has taught justice and community development from an Indigenous perspective across Canada and Internationally. Dave’s current focus is on issues of Urban Indigenous food and land sovereignty, Indigenous agricultural practices, and land-based education.


Laini Lascelles

Laini's ancestors come from the Lunaapeew Delaware Nation and Mohawk from her Mother's lineage and the Anishnawbe ancestors are from Laini's father's lineage.  Laini's spirit names are Mndokwe Good Spirit woman and She who has a good mind and her clan is wolf.  She is a Grandmother Nokomis and Mother and dedicates her life path to sustaining the spiritual and cultural beliefs and practices of her ancestors.   

Laini's experience in working with communities has driven her spirit.  Her healing gift and awareness are a direct connection to the work that she was guided by.  This guidance from the medicine people Laini attributes her healing to the life force that connects us all.  

Laini's background in working with children, youth, adults and families has given her direction to continue supporting and empowering communities.  Laini believes without the reclamation of spirit, our wellness suffers so it is with our future generations and the spiritual ties to our Mother Earth that we must work together in peace and harmony.  The life path Laini is committed to is about that and is about healing our nations.  This also starts 'within' our spirit and so Laini offers that sacred space to others who want to continue to heal and to connect to our Mother Earth.  

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Lindsay Moïse

Lindsay is a mother and a social worker. She is a French settler with roots in so-called Canada since the 1700s. She feels called to advocate for justice and the fair treatment of Mother Earth and All Our Relations. Her love for the land and passion for social justice has led her to working in solidarity with Indigenous land-based projects and a deep desire to help facilitate healthy relationships between Settler society and Indigenous nations.

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