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Give the gift of Healing, Education, Reconciliation or Land Stewardship this holiday season or all year round!

Your gift will support the work of Crow Shield Lodge and the generations of nations to come.

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 Using the tradition of circle work, this gift will support the educational experiences in the teaching lodge where we journey together in a good way on the path of learning. The teaching lodge is a space where we are asked to recall the Seven Teachings of humility, respect, honesty, wisdom, trust, bravery and love. These values guide us on mino bimaadiziwin, the way of a good life.



By supporting our healing ceremonies we will continue to provide opportunities such as healing circles and other experiences to those who are searching for traditional Indigenous healing ceremonies. To move forward on our path of mino bimaadiziwin, the way of a good life, we must first take time to connect with the land which is the basis for traditional land-based healing.




 Reconciliation is a critical, complex and multifaceted process that is about working towards solidarity as nations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. As we begin our walk in truth and reconciliation together, we are moving forward as one. This is the prophesied time of the One Heart, One Mind, and One Drum. This gift will support our land-based reconciliation experiences and help us to expand so that more people from all nations may join us on the road to reconciliation.

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Land Stewardship


Crow Shield Lodge is a place where the principles of land-based healing are put into action. Where we intentionally spiritually cultivate the land which helps us to reconnect to the spirit of the land; this is the starting place as land-based peoples. There is no better teacher or classroom than getting out on the land. Land-based teachings make reconnection to land, community and self possible. During this time of climate crisis, the traditional ways of Indigenous Peoples are needed more than ever. Your gift will go towards cultivating appreciation and care for All Our Relations through environmentally responsible initiatives and meeting the needs of Crow Shield Lodge to ensure sustainability and loving stewardship now and into the future.

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Kinana'skomitin for your support!

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