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Contact us at for more information on pricing and details.


Space Rental & Retreats

Crow Shield Lodge offers opportunities to rent the teaching lodge, tipi and utility tent for individual and community usage all year round. 

If you are renting for a retreat we can include educational opportunities and healing as part of the intent for the time spent together on the land


Education Workshops

Our land-based site can accommodate groups of 20 people, during all four seasons. We can offer a five-part awareness workshop experience or single workshops as preferred. The Crow Shield Lodge provides helpers, trained Firekeepers and an opening and closing ceremony. Please talk to us if access to Elders is something that you would like as a part of the experience.


At each workshop participants will engage with the workshop topic as two facilitators guide the experience using the tradition of circle work. We are open to tailoring workshop experiences to fit the needs of your organisation, please contact us to discuss where you are on your journey.

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Interested in holding a private consultation for your workplace or organization to find improvements on equity for Indigenous employees and service users? We are happy to provide this service and recommendations. Reach out to us at to start the conversation today.

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